Insert Pics Here When you are able to fuse words together and add a melody in all but 2 minutes, you must be international recording artist Lyrikal.

Trinidadian born Devon Martin started singing in the church choir at the age 7, once he realized he could actually sing he began participating in school talent shows and neighborhood block parties. As a youngster his biggest inspirations were Crazy, Shabba Ranks, Buju Banton, Bob Marley and Super Cat their styles of music helped him to develop his own style.

He migrated to the United States at the age of 13, where he got heavily involved in soccer and track and field, but music prevailed and by age 16 he was back at it, performing at block parties and talent shows, it was fun and he loved it, he even opened for the Wutang Clan at Club Wave. And Sean Paul at St George Staten the United States.

Devon although very talented only took his music career seriously in the year 2003. Where he started to record. His first recording was at Dainjamentalz studio in New York, where he recorded a track entitled tiger bone. This was the first of many, and in 2004 he hooked up with harmony productions, dj marfie and producer shumpi and recorded his first hit, “hard whine” on the magnum pi riddim.

This song got heavy rotation in the United States and since then he has performed at many shows alongside 3 Suns, Dawgy Slaughter, Bunji and the Asylum and KMC and Red White and Black. Another of Lyrikal's contributions to the Soca Arena is “More Gyal” on the popular Pot ‘O Gold riddim, with producer Shawn Da Ma$tamind Noel.

His latest releases for 2006 have been firing up the charts his tune “Straight to Germany” a track on the popular “Body Shots Riddim” Produced by Giandre Diaz have made it to Number 1 on bajonradio’s countdown, but his biggest song yet is “De Hunter” another track featured on “Da Ma$tamind Project”, this song with its twisted lyrics has flooded the airwaves.
Lyrikal is currently working on his first Album that is scheduled to hit the record stores by late August. His ultimate Goal is to bring a unique style to the music industry, using his sexual, provocative but positive lyrics to entertain and motivate.

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