If by throwing a temper tantrum for his father to teach him to play an instrument at the age of 7 doesn't define a love for music then maybe playing in a Parang band at the tender age of 8 does.

Shawn Noel the youngest of three boys was born in Siparia, Trinidad . While attending Siparia boys R.C., he learned to play the Guitar and the Cuatro. By age 8 he was a member of his families P arang Group Dulzura Caliente where his Mom Hazel Noel was the lead vocalist his Dad Simon was the Guitarist his brother Selvon was the panist and Shawn of course played the cuatro. He then joined the church choir and taught himself to play the keyboards.

At St. Benedicts College in La Romain, Shawn studied the sciences, but his love for music never wavered and by form five he joined Joey Rivers' Band Rhythm and Moods . At Joey's studio, Shawn learned to create his own beats, and this was when his mom, realizing her son's potential, purchased a computer and some producing programs to encourage Shawn's musical growth.

By the time he graduated, Shawn then started studying to become an electrical engineer this is where he was approached by Junior of the Sensation Band , he quickly grabbed at the opportunity and became the keyboardist for the band. The Sensation Band had recently teamed up with Bunji Garlin and this is where he first met his inspiration, Daryl Braxton, who at the time was producing for the vocalist in the band. Shawn let Daryl listen to some of his earlier attempts at producing, and he encouraged him to sit in on some of his recording sessions and this inspired Shawn to take producing seriously.

In 2003, the Sensation Band , now known as The Asylum, was on tour in the United States and while on tour, Bunji Garlin became aware of Shawn's Talents, he was producing beats using the bands equipment, Bunji invested in a laptop and it was fuel to Shawn's producing fires.

He then hooked up with Budha, a well known producer from the Producer's Coalition of America (this group is responsible for producing music for some of Hip Hop and R&B's well known artists such as Queen Latifah, Busta Rhymes, Destiny's Child, and Dr. Dre). Budha took Shawn under his guide and introduced him to professional producing software, giving him a crash course on it's technicalities. By the end of 2003 Shawn had produced several songs on Bunji's Graceful Vengeance album, including Warrior Cry ( Trinidad and Tobago 's Soca Monarch 2004), The Latin beats of Snake Oil Part 2 and the soulful rhythms of One Family . He then went on to co-produce the Nightshift Riddim, working with Machel Montano, Benjai, Gailann, Maximus Dan, Mistah Shak (his eldest brother) and Collis Durante.

Shawn has since then produced a number of beats and his versatile style has allowed him the opportunity produce for Hip Hop artist Salt from the group Salt and Pepper. His latest works can be heard on the Pot O' Gold Riddim featuring Fayanne Lyons, Bunji Garlin, Mistah Shak, Benjai, and Scaface, the Nutmeg Riddim featuring Maximus Dan, Terry Lyons, Collis Durante, and a host of others. He is also responsible for Bunji's hit for 2005 Return of the King .

Shawn now known to many as “Da Ma$tamind” plans to continue to create music, one of his goals is to take Caribbean flavored music and fuse it with hip hop, rock and reggae, he believes that music is the only language that everyone regardless of race or religion can understand.